Sixteen Records’ first release: Volume One

By June 15, 2018

Music. Leeds.

At long last and in the midst of Leeds’ vast and thriving music scene, a platform has been established to promote and bring together electronic artists. The record label is a new project for producer and musician Lotte van den Berg, and despite only coming into existence earlier this year, the label released its first compilation album Volume One this May.

Featuring artists based in and around Leeds, Volume One demonstrates first and foremost the strength and breadth of electronic music in Leeds, taking the listener on journey of tone and tempo. The album welcomes the listener with the soft melodies and vocals of Luna Pines, and transitions smoothly to a summerier, dream-pop track from Lelo.

The album then turns to Hannah Salvin’s soul-influenced ‘U & I’, a sound which is built on later in the album with the silky smooth RnB beats of Regista, and the stunning, stripped back jazz-influenced vocals and piano cords from Joule.  And towards the end of the album, a more funky, upbeat number from Ryan Hawkins.

But Volume One does not miss out on the darker side of electronic music, with Dokkodo Sounds bringing layered and introspective techno towards the middle of the album. Magic Hour Soundtrack, on the other hand, finishes the collection with a journey of evolving ambient landscapes in ‘Eventually I’ll Catch Fire’. A similarly long, developing track is found in Eye Llew’s ‘Havoc’, which brings otherwise lacking ambient rock sounds to the album.

It cannot be doubted that Sixteen Records’ first release encompasses a broad interpretation of the electronic genre. Whilst certain sections of the album struggle to flow in terms of genre and tone, with an upbeat funk tune following a dark electronic artist, Volume One is an excellent demonstration of yet another reason to celebrate the Leeds music scene.