In conversation with Sixteen Records founder Lotte van den Berg

By May 5, 2018

Music. Leeds.

Hey Lotte, Sixteen sounds interesting, so you’re starting a label, you’ve produced some of the acts and you’re putting on events right?

Yes! Basically Sixteen focusses on production and releasing new music from electronic & alternative artists in and around Leeds through Sixteen Records, and we’re also doing events to coincide these, through Sixteen Events. For example, we’re releasing a new compilation called ‘Volume One’ on May 23rd with music either I’ve produced or the artist themselves have, with a big launch night at Hyde Park Book Club on the night.

Sounds like you’ve a lot on, what inspires you to do this?

Originally I wanted a platform for my own bands, Luna Pines, to release stuff on. Then when I got talking with friends they said they wanted to do the same, so it made sense really. I did Music Production at Leeds College of Music and really crafted my production skills to a high level, particularly in electronic music – I figured this would challenge that as well, as I’d be producing loads of different kinds of artists. I also get to make and release music with friends of mine, which is always a dream.

What music influenced ‘Volume One’ and in particular your production?

I’d say predominantly producers like Mike Sapone (who produced all the Brand New records), he really inspires my sound with the way he uses distortion and ambience to his production. The songs I produced on the compilation I’d say are heavily inspired by him and producers like Mike Crossey (who mixes all The 1975/The Japanese House tracks); his clean-cut 80’s style production always finds its way on to the stuff I do!

How do people get involved with Sixteen?

You can send in demos here for me to listen to, I can do everything from produce/write/mixing and mastering to getting more heavily involved in projects, and you can also check out our event page here and get in touch there about any shows you’d like us to organise!

How did you go about collecting the artists on the record?

Most of them are friends of mine who are all fantastic musicians (like Loris and Hannah Slavin), and others are just artists I’ve been keeping my eye on within the Leeds scene as their stuff really excites me (Imi & LELO for example), I wanted an eclectic mix within the realms of electronic music which I think we hit bang on. Eyre Llew (who are headlining our launch night) are a band I’ve loved for ages and I got in touch with them through my friend from uni who knows them, so I’m super excited that they’re on it. It’s nice to have a couple out of the Leeds scene (Eyre Llew and Jack Segal) – but they’re only in Nottingham so still close to home.

Plans for future?

We’re focusing hard on the launch night and the compilation which is all happening on May 23rd. Then, after testing the waters we really want to be in the position to release some more music from artists we love and do some more events across some other venues in Leeds.

See details for the launch party at Hyde Park Book Club on May 23 here.

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