#SlimeSeries – Gabriella Anouk at Camden Image Gallery

By September 17, 2022

Art & Photography.

Gabriella Anouk in yellow. Photo credit : Bizzy Arnott.

As you walk into Camden Image Gallery, you are transported into the world of Gabriella Anouk’s #SlimeSeries, consisting of 7 stunning hyper realistic pencil drawings of slime covered fruits and vegetables: Pomegranate Amour, Artichoke Pink, Avocado Dali, Aubergine Fetish, Dragon Fruit Heart, Peachy and Banana Blue.

This is Gabriella’s first public exhibition of #SlimeSeries and let me tell you it does not disappoint. On a backdrop of clean and crisp white paper, Gabriella flips the script on the classic, motionless still life drawing, and creates a series of intricately detailed and expressive drawings oozing with colour and of course, slime.

Starting in Lockdown 2021, Gabriella created her first piece Avocado Dali, of which became the catalyst for the whole series. From mixing and pouring the slime, photographing the fruits and vegetables, to sketching and colouring the pieces, it was a long process which took many weeks to complete. The largest piece, Pomegranate Amour, taking over 200 hours to complete, some of which was done whilst Gabriella had COVID, puts into perspective Gabriella’s immense skill and dedication to her craft. 

Camden Image Gallery has three rooms for exhibiting artwork. The main room exhibits the original A1 coloured pencil drawings (barring the original Blue Banana which now happily lives across the pond in the US), edition prints and a wall dedicated to Banana Blue, with a complimentary banana LED sign. The NFT room, just off the main room and the basement which displays the largest piece Pomegranate Amour. You can also view Pomegranate Amour in AR, which brings to life the slime manoeuvring across the fruit.

Pop along and see this beautiful work in person. The closer you get the more there is to see.

Photo credit : Bizzy Arnott.

#SlimeSeries is open on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September 2022, between 11am-6pm at Camden Image Gallery, 174 Royal College Street, NW1 0SP. 

Check out Camden Image Gallery’s website, instagram and contact Elena Chimonas for enquires regarding present or upcoming exhibitions at [email protected] .

To keep up to date with Gabriella’s work and what she’s doing next, visit her website here and follow her on Instagram and TikTok (where she shares her process of creating the series from start to finish).