What’s The Story Morning Gloryville?

By August 3, 2015

Music. Leeds.

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Morning Gloryville Leeds launched at the Belgrave Music Hall back in February and has been a huge success with those Leeds folk wanting to mix up their morning routine and start the day in style. The sober rave takes place over 3 floors and as well as DJS there’s local food and drink vendors, masseuses and yoga instructors on hand to help kick start your day.

We caught up with Collette Davis ahead of this month’s Morning Gloryville event to find out how she got involved, what we can expect from Morning Gloryville Leeds – Episode #5 and what the team have lined up for us for the rest of the year…


TSOTA: For those who haven’t yet experienced the awesomeness of Morning Gloryville- can you tell us a bit about it?
CD: MG is a sober mini morning festival with more fun than you can fit into your local unicorn ranch. It’s a drink-free, drug-free wonderland of shiny happy people who come to dance, do yoga, enjoy their free massage, drink freshly prepared smoothies and juices and dine out on local indie food. The DJs are the main attraction but there’s something for everyone, including the kids, who like hang out with our friends Babyrave and Mini Me Stories.



TSOTA: How did you become involved?
CD: I discovered MG when i was training as a yoga teacher in London last year. It had all of my favourite things and just seemed like a beautiful way to wake people up.


TSOTA: What makes the Belgrave the right venue for Morning Gloryville?
CD: Everyone loves the Belgrave and we’re so lucky to have them on board. Particularly the staff who work to support us and make sure everything runs like clockwork. Being over three floors, we’ve been able to open the event up and create more of a festival vibe with surprises around every corner.




TSOTA: What can we expect from next week’s event?
CD: Owls, squirrels, lifeguards, four awesome DJs, Ashtanga, Rocket, Hatha, Handstands, Bliss pools, paddling pools, a few inflatables, the new healthy fast food joint ‘Nourish’, Henna tattoos and Reggae Yoga on the roof.


TSOTA: What kind of outfit will you be donning for the pool party theme?
CD: I’ve gone all out Baywatch. Just need to find some sparkly leggings and I’m good to go.


TSOTA: To other’s like me who aren’t exactly a ‘morning person’ – what would you say to encourage them to come along?
CD: You will be a morning person after you’ve been to Morning Gloryville. You’ll never look back. It’s an eye opening experience that leaves you full of joy and your hope in humanity restored. Laynes Espresso are on hand to give you a kickstart and once you get on that dance floor you’ll wake up pretty quickly.




TSOTA: What else does Morning Gloryville have lined up for the rest of the year?
CD: We’ve got two more parties this year – October 7th and December 16th. We’re partnering with Leeds Laughter Fest for the October party and will be having laughing yoga some bonkers interactive dancing, possibly The Faun who is currently playing up at the Edinburgh Fringe and some top DJs in the house. December will be something magical for Christmas.

Interview by Bethany Ashcroft


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