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7 London Art Exhibitions to See This Autumn-Winter

Photo of the front of the National Gallery in London

National Gallery in London by Tânia Mousinho via Unsplash

Did one of the many tricks to win the lottery with Lottoland work for you? Are you an art enthusiast? Then it’s time to use some of that big prize to enjoy the best art exhibitions in London.

London, a city steeped in history and culture, continues to be a global hub for the arts. As the leaves turn and the temperature drops, the capital comes alive with a vibrant array of art exhibitions showcasing the best of contemporary and traditional works. This autumn-winter promises a captivating line-up of exhibitions, offering something for every art enthusiast. Here are seven must-see art exhibitions that will leave you inspired and enriched.


1. Rubens & Women Dulwich Picture Gallery (27 September – 28 January)


Step into a unique world where over 40 paintings and drawings, sourced from international and private collections, unite for a special exhibit showcasing the works of Peter Paul Rubens. In “Rubens & Women,” the notion that this Flemish artist only depicted one type of woman is flipped upside down. Through his mesmerizing masterpieces and archival treasures, we unravel the intricate connection between Rubens and women, a relationship that profoundly influenced his work.

Explore the exhibition, and you’ll discover how the great loves of his life, the support of female patrons, the bonds with family members, and his unwavering faith served as the fertile soil for both his creativity and career. This is not just an art show; it’s a journey into the layers of Rubens’ life, where every stroke on canvas tells a tale of profound connections and inspirations. Visitors will leave with a richer understanding of the intricate web of relationships that fuelled Rubens’ artistic brilliance.


2. Last impressions: After Impressionism at The National Gallery (25 March-13 August)


The enchanting waterlilies and landscapes by Monet and his artistic companions have won the hearts of many. Beyond their beauty, Impressionism ignited a spark, propelling art towards greater expressiveness. This influence was carried on to successors like Cézanne and Van Gogh, paving the way for movements like Cubism and Abstraction and pushing artistic boundaries even further. The National Gallery captures this fascinating journey, uniting many artworks that narrate the most pivotal era in art history.


3. The Spanish exhibition: Spain and the Hispanic World at Royal Academy of Arts (21 January-10 April)


In a joyful tribute to everything Spanish, this display brings together four centuries of Spain’s cultural journey and the fascinating history of Colonial Latin America. Delving into the way these cultures were shaped by Celtic traditions and the impactful influence of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, the exhibition features an array of artefacts, including maps, ceramics, paintings, and drawings by renowned artists such as Velazquez and Goya.


4. Master Sculptor: Donatello at V&A (11 February-11 June)


Donatello truly rocked the sculpting scene and even inspired a rad turtle with a purple bandana. Surprisingly, there hasn’t been a big art show in the UK featuring his cool creations in bronze, marble, wood, and terracotta—more than 130 awesome pieces by the Italian master. This exhibit not only showcases his incredible works but also tells the story of his life and how he influenced later artists. We’ve eagerly awaited this major exhibition ever since it was announced a few years back. Get ready to be amazed!


5. Female abstraction: Action, Gesture, Paint at Whitechapel Gallery (9 February-7 May)


Art history frequently spotlights the guys of Abstract Expressionism, like Mark Rothko Jackson Pollock. But it’s high time to give the leading ladies of the movement their due in an exhibit featuring pieces by US artists such as Helen Frankenthaler and Lee Krasner. The spotlight extends beyond, embracing abstract female artists from Asia, Europe, and around the globe—names most people might not be acquainted with.


5. Rebel: 30 Years of London Fashion (16 September – 11 February)


London’s fashion scene has long been admired for its daring and cutting-edge approach. The event “Rebel: 30 Years of London Fashion,” in collaboration with the British Fashion Council, celebrates the rebellious and radical works of more than 300 emerging designers known as the NEWGEN alumni. Explore a showcase of ground-breaking creations, including Christopher Kane’s game-changing neon debut collection and Nensi Dojaka’s experimental sheer womenswear, which has won the hearts of stylish London influencers like Emma Corrin and Iris Law. Be sure not to overlook the iconic swan dress by Marjan Pejoski, famously worn by Björk at the 2001 Oscars.


Final Thoughts


London’s art scene beckons this autumn-winter with a diverse and inspiring array of exhibitions. Whether you’re drawn to the classics, captivated by modern masterpieces, or intrigued by the fusion of art and technology, there’s something for everyone. Embrace the city’s cultural richness and embark on a journey through these seven unmissable art exhibitions that promise to leave a lasting impression on both connoisseurs and casual admirers alike.

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