BFI Future Film Festival: a chat with Jack McLoughlin & Georgia Madden – podcast

The State of the Arts have teamed up with the British Film Institute (BFI) for a special podcast event ahead of their Future Film Festival.

The BFI’s Future Film Festival celebrates young filmmakers from across the UK and will take place from the 17th – 20th February 2022. Jack McLoughlin and Georgia Madden are both featured at this year’s festival, with their respective short films both up for awards.

We chatted to Jack and Georgia for a roundtable podcast episode, discussing their work and what it means to be nominated by the BFI. And with both of them being from Liverpool, we of course spoke about the role the city plays in their lives, as its cultural reputation gets bigger and bigger.

Jack’s film Bud follows a man’s phone conversation with his son on the morning of his court hearing. Described by Jack as a one-shot “character piece” for the main actor Shaun Fagan, it’s a moving and powerful short. Jack is nominated for Best Writer. Georgia’s stop motion animation Divination Dave is “about a couch potato who goes on a journey of enlightenment”, and is as darkly funny as it is technically impressive. Her film is nominated for Best Animation.

Both films will be available on the BFI Player for free from Thursday 17 February until Thursday 3 March 2022.

You can listen to our conversation in full via Apple Podcasts here or the player below at the bottom of the page.


Some highlights from our chat with Jack and Georgia…

On being supported by the BFI:

“The BFI have provided my first insight into film being a real career!” – Georgia

“Being nominated and coming from the [BFI] academy – it’s a nice full-circle moment.” – Jack

On Liverpool’s thriving cultural scenes:

“Everyone’s so supportive of each other here… it’s a great cultural breeding ground” – Georgia

“Seeing someone like Stephen Graham – from Kirby like me – go on and succeed, makes it feel attainable” – Jack

“What’s great is you don’t have that “oh, you’ve got to go to London”… it’s on your doorstep now, there’s no excuse!” – Jack

On an exciting career ahead in the film industry:

“I’m very optimistic – if cinemas can survive lockdown they can survive anything.” – Georgia

“It’s a really exciting time to be an independent filmmaker – it’s always a struggle, but they always make a career out of it. Which is so inspiring.” – Jack


The State of the Arts
The State of the Arts
BFI Future Film Festival: a chat with Jack McLoughlin & Georgia Madden - podcast