Contemporary Artist Jeff Rowland: Bringing Cinematic Scenes to Leeds

Photo Credit: Castle Galleries

Photo Credit: Castle Galleries

Critically acclaimed artist Jeff Rowland made a guest appearance at Castle Gallery in November to unveil a newly curated exhibition of his work. The gallery welcomed the contemporary painter on Saturday 28th November to reveal his much anticipated autumn collection, which alongside features a range of signed limited additions from previous collections.

“My influence for this collection is several things. The first of course is always the rain. It has become such a strong feature in my work that I feel it will always be there. Then there is my love of the old British black and white cinema – this influence can’t be ignored,” Rowland said.

Originating from the North East of England, Jeff became self-employed as a professional artist after studying art at North Tyneside College. Rowland’s work has become synonymous with themes of romance and 1950s film noir. Inspired by the genre of film and the implicit meaning found in cinematic scenes, each of his intricate oil paintings tell their own story which could be taken out of a scene in a film.

The inclusion of falling rain in his pieces is Rowland’s signature feature – he creates this trademark effect by running his brush down the canvas using only the weight of the brush with the split hairs allowing the delicate strokes to become rain.

Rowland’s path to success was cemented when he exhibited at a number of sell out art shows, and was subsequently signed to the UK’s leading fine art publisher, Washington Green. He is now one of Washington Green’s top 20 selling artists and his works are some of the most collected in the UK.

Rowland explains the inspiration behind his works:

“I have always tried to portray my work as a piece of cinema, maybe the end of a movie or the high point to the movie and I have always wanted my audience to form their own opinion of what was happening to the central characters in my paintings.

As part of the working process, I am always inspired to experience what I am about to paint. Living on the North East Coast we get our fair share of rain. When it rains, I feel the need to get out there and sketch. Look at how rain can bounce off the ground and car roofs; the reflection from car lights and street lights.”

Roy Pritchard, Gallery Manager for Castle Galleries in Leeds explains why Jeff’s work is being featured again in the gallery:

“Time and time again Jeff’s work has proven to be extremely popular with our customers because of the story it tells and the way it draws the viewer into the picture, and we are delighted to be exhibiting his new works.

The romantic element in Jeff’s work brings out many personal stories from collectors who read their own narratives into his paintings – our meet the artist event is an ideal opportunity for people to come into the gallery, meet Jeff and discuss their own interpretations of his beautiful and atmospheric works.”

Be sure not to miss the exhibition which ends Saturday 12th December. All of his pieces can be bought from the exhibition at Castle Galleries, 24-25 Albion, Leeds or online: