Fluid Space presents… at HPBC – preview

By October 20, 2023

Music. Leeds.

Fluid Space Presents… is a night of low-fi escapism, dystopian lift music and electronic Parisian whimsical lust, it’s a dancer and it’s self produced. They take over Hyde Park Book Club on Oct 23rd @ 7pm – here’s a little more about the artists involved…


Dan Disgrace:


Dan Disgrace, aka Daniel West, is a true indie artist. He writes, plays instruments and self-produces, much of his work aided by an old 4-track cassette recorder. This technique of blending old and new, similar to slacker-rock star Mac Demarco, is a staple of Disgrace’s lo-fi mellow style

Dan says: “I wanted to lift the lid on my experience of office life…” The dystopian elevator music vibes and the Smiths-esque dreariness combine real-world observational lyricism and audio escapism, making for a sound that audiences can melt into.

Listen here:

Terry Venemous:


A collection of moody, lo-fi tracks creeping out from Liverpool’s shadows, coming in the form of pure ‘smooth lounge filth.’

With songs that flow harmoniously well together, whilst each sustaining distinctions worth remembering in their own right. Bedroom lounge-pop at its best; with a melancholic twist, almost horizontally laid back at times but always with a sinister underbelly.

Listen here:




“We were in the garden. Together. All this sun, all this green. Everything blossoming around us – spring in Paris. Strong coffee, cables in the grass and a bunch of cheap mics. A beat up lap top. Julien was strumming on his old, fucked up guitar. I was singing into a handheld mic, still in my kimono p.j.’s. That’s how it all started.” – Lea

The record doesn’t have a title, per se, because the project name was enough to capture what the two of them were after. Et.Nu stands for a volcanic explosion. Hot lava rock. Molten. Energy. Golden. It also implies standing in the nude, ie. a sensual / sexual connection to life.

et . nu is a bass and voice record, as in: all the sounds which you hear, unless they were made using household appliances – like a vacuum cleaner or a coffee machine – were, in fact, played on an electric bass (or a synth bass) or sung. Hence, as a whole, this is a record as a document of a couple falling in love created using their choice instruments. And, it aint your typical baby-baby-lovey-dovey type of record, either.


Rosie Terry Toogood


Rosie trained as a dancer in Liverpool and Israel. She has worked with choreographers including Jérôme Bel in Gala, Simon Fleury in Zurich and Léa Tirabasso in FR UK & LUX. She’s co-created ‘Sobject’ with artist Kathrin Doppler touring Cuba, & Switzerland. She is co-artistic director of Basel dance collective Bufo Makmal winner of the ‘YAA!’ award. Rosie also runs ‘Studio Fluid’ and ‘Fluid Space’.  A latest collab is ‘Neon Snake’ a Dance/Sound/Light Installation with Berghain resident light designer and DJ Grinderteeth. Rosie uses sound to express through conceptual movement to play with the silhouette of the form, she expresses sensations of sound and emotions to play with an abstract story telling – with her body. Sometimes playful sometimes graceful sometimes grotesque or sunbathing, her motifs aim to connect you to the pleasure of moving your body.

Head to Hyde Park Book Club on 23rd October for the Fluid Presents experience…