The Full Monty @ Leeds Grand Theatre

By November 4, 2016

Theatre & Dance. Leeds.



Six brave men take to the stage in The Full Monty, a touching show that gives the audience a lot more than just a strip routine.

With a poignant take on unemployment, this Sheffield-set play invites the audience to peek into the private lives of six very different men.

Gaz “the lad” is a charismatic charmer who needs maintenance money in order to see his beloved son, Nathan. Together with his best mate, Dave, Gaz gathers a motley crew of men who are, for one reason or another, prepared to go The Full Monty for one night only.

Gary Lucy leads the show as Gaz. His Yorkshire accent is slightly shaky throughout, which is a bit distracting. He’s got plenty of swagger, though, and he carries the final dance number with effortless sex appeal. His sidekick Dave is played brilliantly by Kai Owen – he’s funny in an understated way and plays the part with just the right amount of self-depreciation.

The sweet Anthony Lewis plays Lomper with adorable internal conflict, which pairs up well with Chris Fountain’s confident Guy. Louis Emerick also gives the audience a great laugh as Horse. For me, though, the star of the six is Andrew Dunn as Gerald. His character is the most unlikely to take part in the stripping scheme, and this reluctance to be part of the group provides some fantastic moments. Dunn’s comedy timing is excellent and he has a strong stage presence that shines through.

At times the show becomes slightly unnatural, but these moments provide lots of laughs. If you’re looking for a hot, sexy, wild night out with your friends, maybe tweak your expectations. This is a hilariously funny, clever take on friendship, sexuality and what it means to be a man.

The Full Monty is on at Leeds Grand Theatre until 3rd December 2016.