somewhereto_ FRAMED exhibition

By April 23, 2015

Art & Photography. Leeds.


FRAMED is an exhibition of young people’s artwork in windows of shops and cafe’s around Wakefield, facilitated by regional freelancers Amy Lilley and Lucy Norton for somewhereto_

To give you a bit of context, somewhereto_  is a national project, funded by the Big Lottery, which seeks to find free space and opportunities for young people aged 16 – 25.
This could be somewhere to rehearse and/or perform, an empty shop unit for them take over, office space, exciting locations for film and photography, event space, exhibition space, artist studio space, somewhere to set up a film festival or a music gig, literally anything that we can help facilitate.

somewhereto_ runs nationwide via our regional freelancers who organise various events and support young people to carry out their creative projects.


somewhereto_FRAMED – Wakefield 1st – 28th April


Over the next couple of weeks TSOTA have the pleasure of showcasing work from some of the young artists involved in the upcoming FRAMED exhibition in Wakefield as well as interviewing those involved in the project. Here are the first 5 talented young artists…


Hayley Louise Crann
Hayley Crann


Zara Noble
Zara Noble
Illustrator and Paper artist


Timid Elk
Timid Elk


Rameez Khawaja
Rameez Khawaja


Bethany Stead
Bethany Stead
Fine Artist


An Interview with Zara Noble one of the young artists featured in FRAMED:


TSOTA: Hi Zara – how did you find out about FRAMED?
ZN: I found out about FRAMED as I was directly asked by the somewhereto_ team, whom I have known personally for a little while and worked with prior to this occasion. Good advertisement and marketing on Facebook also kept me informed with the projects development process.


TSOTA: What is your artistic background?
ZN: I am a paper artist and illustrator; specialising in these processes from around 2011. I graduated with First Class Honours in Art and Design (Interdisciplinary) in 2013 from Leeds College of Art. I then went on to complete a yearlong Fellowship back at LCA, as well as carrying out an Internship in a professional artist’s studio.


TSOTA: Which artists are you most inspired by?
ZN: The artist I was working with during my internship Andy Singleton inspires me massively and it was a huge pleasure to work alongside him, as well as Richard Sweeney; their creativity with paper is amazing! Other paper artists that inspire me include: Mia Pearlman, Donna Ruff, Jen Stark, Peter Callesen and Lisa Roden
I am also a huge fan of Henri Matisse and his collection of work entitled ‘The Cut-Outs’ was incredible when I viewed it MOMA in New York City.
And anything geometric…


TSOTA: Have you exhibited work in a public exhibition before?
ZN: Yes I have exhibited many times in public spaces; including Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Whitby, Thirsk and Nottingham. As well as assisting in Cardiff, Manchester and New York. I have also had personal customers from Berlin.


TSOTA: Do you think that there are sufficient opportunities for young artists to showcase their work?
ZN: Definitely not… Particularly in my area (North Yorkshire), however things are improving, all but slowly, more features like this need to happen… Better, and cheaper spaces are needed for young artists like myself to set up studio spaces; more frequent and creative exhibitions too!


TSOTA: What was the idea behind your piece?
ZN: My piece is based on the beauty in nature, taking simple silhouettes of insects and repeating them numerous times in a symmetrical and geometric inspired pattern. I wanted to test my cutting skills, repetition and work on a larger scale than normal. My work focusses highly on detail and repetition.


Watch this space for more on FRAMED coming soon…