The Young ‘Uns at City Varieties

By October 20, 2017

Music. Leeds.



Entertaining Leeds City Varieties Music Hall for the evening is The Young ‘Uns, a Stockton folk group. With flawless harmonies, gorgeous melodies and stunning voices, the trio really are a joy to watch.┬áSinging traditional folk tunes in amongst their own original compositions works well and provides a nice variety for new audience members as well as their existing fanbase.

Their own tunes tell fairly modern stories of inspirational figures, including Matthew Ogston and Ghafoor Hussain. The tales are descriptive and emotional, though I feel enough of the story is told within the songs so it probably doesn’t warrant so much commentary at the beginning of each song.

Having said that, the trio have a fantastic, funny stage presence, particularly David Eagle, who carries most of the comedy to offset writer Sean Cooney’s rather serious vibe. With witty jokes, banter with the audience and some comedy songs, there is a lovely variety between poignant and light-hearted folk tunes.

The band’s warm-up act, The Hut People, also deserve a mention. Wow, what a duo. Accordionist Sam Pirt and percussionist Gary Hammond work beautifully together to create some magical instrumental pieces. It is a joy to listen to, and really puts the audience in the mood for a truly enjoyable evening of folk music.

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