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By September 20, 2015

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The 3rd of October sees the first day of the No Gloss Film Festival 2015, an independent, Leeds based festival which looks to celebrate the unconventional, challenging the cliched, glitzy superficiality we have come to associate the film industry with.

For the majority of us, the winter months are characterised by the following: Christmas, copious amounts of chocolate (followed by inevitable weight gain and approx 13973993 New Year’s resolutions), the not-so-German markets sporting the not-so-German mulled wine, AND The X Factor (if you deny it you’re only lying to yourself).

However, these months are also golden for the Film/TV industry. It’s a time where – no matter how old the film, or how many times you’ve sobbed over the Joni Mitchell scene in Love Actually – nothing seems to get old. This is precisely why these months leading up to Christmas are the perfect time to raise awareness of what is upcoming and fresh in the film industry, amongst an arguably over-saturated and commercialised market.

The No Gloss Film Festival was first launched in 2012, and it was the city’s first ever DIY indie filmfest, dedicated to nourishing and discovering raw, fresh talent, which is reflected through their tagline: ‘Films unlike anything you’ve ever seen’. They are particularly interested in making it as accessible as possible to people from all ages, backgrounds, professions and disciplines, an interest that has developed over the years.

Since NGFF’s beginnings just a mere three years ago, they has grown tremendously, being coined as the ‘most anticipated film event in Leeds’ two years ago. They have received over 180 submissions from producers and directors all around the world, and this year is no different. Situating themselves in Leeds places them at the heart of a city dedicated to its love of film, and means that the festival is able to showcase local and international independent film-makers from all walks of life, amongst a city as rich and diverse as Leeds. The chosen venue is The Carriageworks Theatre, which is also very fitting in regards to their dedication to the community.



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Amongst the exciting range of films accepted for this year’s programme are the three official selections: ‘Marzipan Flowers‘, a light hearted comedy from Israel, ‘Benny Loves Killing’, a psychological thriller exploring the notion of horror itself, and ‘Meet the Hitlers’, a documentary exploring the ramifications and associations of having the name “Hitler”.

The weekend offers the opportunity to watch all of the films included in the programme, which promises an exceptionally diverse and eclectic range from all around the world. To get a glimpse of what the weekend has to offer make sure to check out the programme here, and whilst you’re at it have a look at their website to find out a little bit more about the festival itself & the films that are being showcased.



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‘We want to challenge the standards that define “good film-making“, showcase that the film-making process does not have to be confined to a particular school of thought or a textbook technique: it can be spontaneous, it can be awesome, that it is possible.’

You would be stupid to miss out so make sure you get buying your tickets now! Bear in mind tickets are ONLY available online, right here.


By Malak El-Gonemy

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