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The State of the Arts

The State of the Arts is a website covering arts, culture, and politics from cities across England, and occasionally further afield.

We want to provide a space for talking about quality events, ideas and people, and to shine a light on local arts scenes that might otherwise go overlooked in a London-centric media landscape.

We aim to publish arts criticism that is thoughtful and creative in its own right, often focusing on art that pushes boundaries and intersects heavily with the social and political.

TSOTA began as an attempt to create a single platform for information on cultural activity in Leeds in 2004. The site was inundated with requests to write about Yorkshire, then the north – and articles were shared around the world. In 2005 the decision was made to cover national cultural writing.

Our growing online platform is a place where writers can express themselves and be heard. We’re always looking for contributors to bring something new to the website. If you have an idea for a piece or there’s something you think we should cover, get in touch.


The Team:

  • Jack Simpson
    Managing Director

    Jack Simpson

    Jack founded TSOTA in 2014 to cover the best of Leeds's cultural goings on. He co-owns Eiger Studios and the Hyde Park Book Club.
  • Ella Milburn

    Ella Milburn

    Ella is studying an MA in Journalism at Goldsmiths and writes for openDemocracy on gender and sexuality. She makes collages and takes photos for fun.

Our writers:

Abraham Elton, Adam Bruce, Adam Button, Ahmer Bashir, Aidan Johnson, Alan Berry, Aleks Podraza, Alex Burgoyne, Alex Daniel, Alex Duffy, Alex Gradwell-Spencer, Alex Mannings, Alexandra Richards, Alexia Kossifos, Alice Chandler, Alice Coombs, Alice Olsson, Alice Wood, Amanda Carnac, Amanda Lynsdale, Amanda Wignall, Amber Rose, Amelia Crouch, Amelia King, Amy Griffiths, Amy Hills-Fletcher, Anastasia Grabova, Anastasia Kennedy, Andrew Kemp, Andy Moore, Angus Fisher, Anthony Mullally, Anya Stewart-Maggs, Ashleigh Anne Said, Ashleigh Ferdinand, Ava Sims, Barry Fox, Benjamin Paul, Bethany Ashcroft, Bethany Jones, Bethany Linnet, Billie Walker, Bobbie Hook, Bridget Taylor, Brighton Upton-Trust, Bryony Jameson, Carlota Ortiz Monasterio, Caroline Hurley, Caroline Ryan, Casper Hughes, Catherine Elliott, Catrin Podgorski, Catriona Chadderton, Celia Lloyd-Jones, Charles McLeod, Charlotte Gray, Charlotte Ward, Chloe Patrickson, Chris Canavan, Chris Howard, Chris Morley, Christy Cooney, Ciaran Chillingworth, Ciarán Hodgers, Clare Fisher, Claudia Chapman, Connor Christie, Dan Newton, Daniel Palmer, Daniel Stead, Danny Davis, Darius Williams and Luke Rideout, Dave Olson, David Booth, David Campbell Olson, David Gann, David Smith, David Ward, Debbie Coope, Dee Jas, Devon Forrester-Jones, Dionne Fitzgerald, Dylan Howell, Dylan Marsh, Ed Montana-Williams, Elaine Peake, Eleanor Roche, Electra Constance Carr, Elena Fowler, Elinor Cole, Elise Gallagher, Elizabeth Kennedy, Ella Healing, Ella Milburn, Ellen Fouweather, Ellen Ormesher, Ellie Clarke, Ellie Nicholls, Elliot Ryder, Emily Jefferies, Emily Johnson, Emily Murray, Emma Chaplin, Emma Schicker, Emmie Waugh, Eno Inwang, Eva Fortini, Fiona Gell, Francesca Baker, Francesca Mainman, Francine Morgan, Fraser Smith, Gareth Murphy, Gavin Hudson, Gemma Thorpe, George Cooper, George Paris, Georgia Wood, Georgina Lewin, Gillian Sammer, Grace Collier, Greg Elliott, Hannah Emadian, Hannah Gaunt, Hannah Spruce, Hannah Williams, Harriet Trayling, Harry Johns, Hayley Reid, Heather Ditch, Heather Hoy, Helen Cocks, Helena Gumley-Mason, Helena McCormick, Helena Roddis, Helena Wallace, Henry Burkinshaw, Holly Ridge, Holly Wyatt, Hope Churm, Ilona Walker, Isabel Drake, Isidora Cortes-Monroy, Jack Cooper, Jack Dean, Jack Simpson, Jack Simpson, James Grimshaw, James Hopkins, Jane Austwick, Janet Murray, Janie Readman, Janis Sims, Jasmin Vincent, Jason Alston, Jasper Llewellyn, Jenna Campbell, Jenny Pudney, Jenny Wilson, Jeremy Arblaster, Jeremy Corbyn, Jess Ramsey, Jessica Blackwell, Jessica Howell, Jessica Timperley, Jilly Forster, Jo Boon, Jo Hudson, Joe Saxon, Joe Taylor, John Maguire, John Wright, Joleen White, Jonathon Dean, Jordon Jefferies, Joseph Roche, Kate Devine, Kate Jones, Kate Parkin, Kate Wellham, Katherine Morris, Kevin Thompson, Kim Bo Kyung, Kizzy Bray, Lara Eggleton, Laura Demaude, Laura Harris, Lauranne Roux and Peyton Kelvin, Lauren Carne, Laurie Garrison, Lewis King, Lily Pinto, Lisa-Marie Dickinson, Liv 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Green, Virginia Lowes, Zoe Carlon, Zoë Dukoff-Gordon,